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      Colgate-Palmolive Brands

      Bringing trusted brands – and reasons to smile – to millions of consumers around the world

      • Colgate

        Colgate toothpastes, toothbrushes, and oral care products have been caring for smiles generation after generation.

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      • Palmolive Naturals

        Palmolive Naturals products offer a world of experiences. Its gentle, nourishing formulas help protect skin and hair.

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      • Protex

        Protex soaps provide antibacterial protection while eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria. Give yourself a refreshed feeling, and everyday long-lasting protection.

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      • Sanex

        Sanex products actively work with the skin’s natural processes to help them work at their healthy best.

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      • Soft Soap

        Softsoap products are carefully formulated using safe, effective ingredients. These products deliver a pure, fresh, and clean feeling that will lather you up for a wowerful experience.

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      • Hill's

        Hill's products offer high-quality ingredients and the proper balance of essential nutrients which is the key to optimal health for pets. Compassionate methods that do not harm or cause discomfort to our pet partners are used to develop our nutritional technology so dogs and cats around the world may live long, healthy lives.

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      • Gard

        Remove 100% of dandruff flakes with Gard. Experience a cool and clean feeling to soften your hair.

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      • Sorriso Toothpaste

        Sorriso empowers consumers to have the best smile to enjoy life.

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      • Brite

        Its powerful formulation gives you a superior stain removal performance.

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      • SpeedStick

        Speed Stick antiperspirant products help prevent sweat that can get in your way and provide. Effective long lasting odor and wetness protection.

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      • Lady Speed Stick

        Lady Speed Stick antiperspirants offer a range of inspired scents with long lasting fragrance. The special formulas provide all-day protection from wetness and odor.

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      • Suavitel

        Suavitel products give your family's clothes an irresistible fragrance and incredible softness. Freshness that lasts for 30 days.

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      • Murphy Oil Soap

        Murphy Oil Soap products help to clean wood, floors, surfaces and furniture to a natural shine. It allows you to maintain the look of your home by tackling indoor and outdoor care projects.

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      • meridol?

        The meridol? system helps reduce plaque and inhibits its built up, providing gentle and effective protection against gum problems.

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      • Palmolive Dish Soap

        Palmolive Dish Soap products remove the toughest grease and give dishes and pots and pans a sparkling clean. The tough, grease-fighting formulas leave hands touchably soft.

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      • Irish Spring

        Irish Spring products provide a clean scent that leaves you feeling refreshed throughout the day. The original gentle and caring formula offers long lasting deodorant protection.

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      • Tom's of Maine

        Tom’s of Maine offers effective Oral Care, Personal Care, and Baby Care using simple, natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. Tom’s of Maine is the #1 Oral Care Brand in the Natural category.

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      • Afta

        Afta products soothes skin irritated by shaving. It leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed while helping guard against the drying effects of sun, wind, and weather.

      • Tahiti

        With Tahiti shower gel, dive into the fun and sweetness of paradise!

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      • Softlan

        The product that mothers have relied on for years for soft clothes that smell great.

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      • Ajax

        Powerful cleaning! Trust AJAX to care for your surfaces and dishes with our full line of degreasers, cleaners, cleansers, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants and dish detergent.

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      • Fleecy

        Gives your clothes 5X longer lasting scent compared to using detergent alone.

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      • Pinho Sol

        Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs with Pinho Sol.

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      • Axion

        Our dishwashing paste is specially formulated to be soft on hands and yet remove stubborn grease. It is trusted to give a sparkling shine to your dishes.

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      • Tender Care

        Hypo-Allergenic Tender Care? Soap gives baby′s delicate skin the gentle cleaning and caring it needs. It is clinically proven to be mild, keeping the baby′s skin healthy and resistant to allergies and other skin irritations.

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      • Cuddly

        Cuddly? fabric conditioner has a rich and creamy formula and consistently delivers beautifully soft, fresh clothes after each wash.

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      • Sta-soft

        Leave your clothes smelling beautifully fresh all day with Sta-soft.

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      • elmex?

        elmex?, with its unique composition, helps prevent tooth decay and strengths enamel.

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      • Fabuloso

        Leaves your home shiny clean, fresh, and fragrant. Fabuloso makes your nose happy.

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      • Soupline

        Discover the variety of Soupline fabric softener for soft and fragrant clothing.

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      • Fluffy

        A touch of everyday luxury is easy to achieve. Pamper yourself and your clothes with the softness and fragrance of Fluffy.

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